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Hand Crafted Spirits


Miss Kitty’s Velvet Vodka

Miss Kitty’s artisan Vodka has been meticulously designed and produced in small batches  from the finest grain grown locally here in the heart  of the Grain Belt. Our 1501 batch still was carefully brought over from Germany and replicates the time-honored tradition of single batch distilleries. Each batch is filtered seven times, representing the ol six shooter – with one more for good measure! Our activated carbon filtration process provides a clean, velvet-like finish that is “Seductively Smooth”!


Double Barrel Bourbon Whiskey

Double Barrel Bourbon is one of the most labor intensive bourbons made in the U.S.A. Each batch is carefully aged for a minimum of 3 years, then re-barreled by hand for a second time to give it a very distinctive taste and color. Each bottle is hand-washed, hand-filled, corked, sealed, labeled, and hand-packed … done in the same manner used by our predecessors in the days of the Wild West. Bourbon in the 1800′s was worth as much as Gold, and was traded as such as one of the “finer luxuries of life”. Savor the taste and the passions that goes into each bottle! Savor every precious drop! Lose yourself in this luxury!

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